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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leviticus 10 and the job of the Pastor/Teacher

First, I do want to note that the parallel between pastor and priest is, perhaps, not that parallel, but nonetheless, there is something important here to note.

As I meet pastors and get acquainted with ministries, I note something that bothers me. Also note that I'm opinionated and getting more so yearly.

I just hope my opinions are formed by Scripture. I'm seeking to make sure that is the case.

However, the job in Leviticus 10, among others, was for the priest to "distinguish" between the holy and the common, and between the unclean and the clean..." and "to teach the people of Israel all the statutes that the LORD has spoken to them by Moses."

Now I do believe inherent in this is NOT just lists of clean and unclean. The LORD says in Psalm 50 that right sacrifices are thanksgiving and that he does not need goats and bulls.

Somehow I don't think the heart of the job was teaching the list, but teaching the character of God that makes a distinction between who is holy and who is not. The point was God, not that people performed properly.

2 Chronicles 30 is an example of how the people were not clean, Hezekiah prayed for them, and the LORD healed the people although not clean by the law's standard. The point is that God is holy, they are not, and HE is the one who makes them clean, not their list keeping.

Why then so many pastor/teachers focus on pragmatism? Why do we teach "how to" without first teaching "who"?

Will "how to" make more sense if we know "who" and "why"? I think so.

I believe we create list keeping people who do not know God if we give them solutions to their problems without giving them the solution to their evil hearts, namely, Jesus. To help solve their problems without giving them the ultimate solution, the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus, is like putting a band aid on a broken leg. It does not ultimately help.


Sheldon said...

I agree completely. I think at best we do our people no help and at worst we harm them by teaching them "How to" when what they most need to know is "Who is". Ultimately what is best for us all regardless of circumstances is to know God more deeply than we do now and to know Him as His Word reveals Him to be.

Ken said...

I think this is a good word, Mitch. He is the WHO and the WHY and the HOW.

joannie said...

So many thoughts...the one that stands out so clearly is that this is the reason the church is filled with so many lost people. Thanks for this and keep spreading truth.

Talley Clower said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I don't know why after receiving grace, salvation specifically, we continue down the "how to" road. I think the real "how to" is spending time in Him and with Him; responding to the work of the Holy Spirit with us; going with Romans 12:2 and renewing our minds...not so we can "do" but so we'll be able to see what His will is. Anyway, well said my friend!