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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Thought About Global Warming From the Vice Presidential Debate

OK, I watched the debate the other night between Biden and Palin, and as usual, got angry as I listened. I knew it would happen, but I believe I actually enjoy the emotion of anger over things I'm passionate about. I'm a glutton for punishment I suppose.

Gwen Ifill asked about the issue of global warming and what the candidates thought the cause was. Palin said she believed it was multiple factors including man. Biden said that it was solely man and his pollution of the environment.

Now these answers set me to thinking. I know and confess that I am not astute in the world of science, therefore I lean heavily upon my good friend that is closer than a brother, Mark Jones. He helps me out in the realm of science and I enjoy sitting at his feat and learning science. But this I must say, if studied without the presupposition of an atheist, I'm sure science can bear out some truth that environment change is NOT a man made issue alone. Let me tell you why I believe that.

I believe that whatever role, if any, man plays in environment change it is because man's influence is used as a tool by Jesus himself to affect creation for Jesus' own good purposes in redemption and consummation. Colossians 1:15-17 tells the Christian that by Jesus' creative hand he created all that can be seen and all that is not seen in the universe. The heavens, the earth, all in them, rulers, thrones, dominions etc. It also tells the Christian that, as creator, all things hold together by him. I believe it is a safe exegesis to include polar ice caps in that "all things hold together" by him.

If that were not enough, Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus "upholds the universe by the word of his power." That means that all he created is upheld by his active willing the creation to maintain his purposeful order. I believe it is a safe exegesis to include polar ice caps in that universe that is held together by Jesus' willing of it.

Now, here is the issue: Will Christians buy what God has said or what some dude with the presupposition of atheism will say? The fact is that not all science is objective. I have no doubt that objective science can discover general truth. However, science that begins with the assertion that there is no God can't arrive at a truthful conclusion because he does not believe that he is (Hebrews 11) and the rewarder of those who seek him. If he is avoiding, by philosophy, anything that disproves his presupposition that there is no God, then he can't arrive at truthful conclusions. It is impossible because he has started off subjectively not objectively.

Now, back to the debate. If Biden, who claims to be a Christian, assumes that all of the climate change is man made, what has he not taken into account? Do you see it? He has not taken into account our Sovereign Jesus who upholds the universe, including the darn polar ice caps.

If the word is authoritative, and if Jesus is our God, then we do not have an option on believing who is in charge of this earth, its change or anything else that happens in or on it. We can exegete that truthful answer right out of the biblical text. If it changes, regardless of the means, Jesus is the changer. If it warms, regardless of the means, Jesus is the warmer. Therefore, either Biden believes in a deistic god that has left all things to man and is not involved in his creation and man is the determiner of his destiny (unfortunately this is the kind of god many "Christians" say they believe in and is not god at all), or he assumes, like most scientists on the global warming band wagon that there really is no God. Neither one of those positions is good for a Christian. So, what is he? What are you? Do you apply the truths of Scripture to how you think on issues affecting our day? You must if you are going to represent Jesus well. To quote a marvelous man of God in our day, Ravi Zacharias, "Let my people think". If you dare to think hard check out Ravi's site